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Wednesday, September 22, 2021 • Memphis, TN

IATR Gets Ready to 

"Rock the Regulatory World" in Memphis, TN

September 22-25, 2021 

The IATR is excited to announce its 34th Annual Conference in Memphis, Tennessee. Please join us at the Peabody Hotel from September 22-25, 2021. The "Home of Blues, Soul and Rock'n'Roll" is the perfect city to host our "Rocking Regulators" conference. Named after the ancient Egyptian city meaning "Place of Good Abode," the goodwill exemplified by our conference hosts has already excited the IATR base, with thoughts of Elvis and Beale Street already percolating.  

The theme of the 34th Annual IATR Conference will be "Rockin' Regulation!" The "Birthplace of Rock'n'Roll" is the perfect place to celebrate a "rebirth" of new policy and governance approaches that are rocking the regulatory landscape. The changed world of regulation and the many new IATR members with diverse modal responsibilities will be on full display, with a nod not just to legacy industry regulation, but also to futuristic modes and the next round of disruption to come. Of course, the topic of COVID-19 health and safety will be covered extensively, and program sessions will focus on the post-pandemic changed or “rocked” world, as regulators address both continued challenges and opportunities.  

In the event that travel restrictions are imposed in the weeks leading up to next year’s conference, the IATR will consider changes to the program, including a possible change to the format of the conference. So, those who register now with the early-bird discounts to attend the 2021 IATR Memphis Conference should know that the IATR will monitor the status of travel to Memphis, and will be providing updates to attendees in the months ahead – and well in advance of the Peabody Hotel room reservation deadline of Friday, August 27, 2021. If there are any questions about registration options, credits for last year’s conference attendance, and/or membership renewal, please contact info@iatr.global. 

We hope you enjoyed the 33rd Annual IATR Conference – our first-ever virtual event. All sessions will now be available on-demand until December 31, 2020 for all attendees and members to access 24/7!  

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Starting January 1, 2021, only members in good standing may view prior conference videos, access model regulations and surveys, or continue to receive daily news feeds, reports, and other membership benefits. 

Holiday Special & Early-Bird Discounts!

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The IATR is excited to announce that it is now offering its members holiday early-bird discounts for the IATR's 2021 Conference in Memphis, Tennessee! Regulator members who register before December 31, 2020 will receive over 30% off their IATR conference registration rates.  

Please note: In order to lock in the early-bird registration rate, IATR members must renew their membership for 2021 before registering for the 2021 conference. All payments must be received before December 31, 2020.  

Regulator members who registered for the 2020 conference in advance and received a credit for the 2021 conference, are REQUIRED to renew their 2021 Membership in order to redeem the transferable registration for the upcoming 2021 Conference in Memphis, TN scheduled for September 22-25, 2021.  


Early Bird/Holiday Registration Rate

$550.00 (USD) - Expires on Dec. 31, 2020


(A 30% Discount. The membership fees and rates below will apply as of January 1, 2021)

Regulator registration rates for member attendees and small-jurisdiction members: $790.00

Associate Members: Please contact info@iatr.global for conference sponsorship/registration pricing.


Special Membership Renewal Rate

Regulator Membership

Expires on December 31, 2020

$525.00 (USD)

Please note: Regulator membership is $599.00 per calendar year. Regulators must renew their membership by December 31, 2020 to lock in the rate for the early-bird special!  

Small Jurisdiction Regulator Membership 

Expires on December 31, 2020

$380.00 (USD) 

Please note: Small jurisdiction regulator membership is $399.00 per year. Regulators must renew their membership by December 31, 2020 to lock in the rate for the early-bird special! This membership level is limited to a government body, regulatory agency, or airport authority with a population of less than 250,000.  

Associate Membership 

(For Industry Members Only)

Expires on December 31, 2020

$650.00 (USD) 

Please note: Associate membership is $699.00 per year. However, if your company sponsors the IATR 2021 Memphis Conference, associate membership may be included – depending on what level of sponsorship is purchased. If the sponsorship is purchased after renewing, this amount would be credited to a future sponsorship. Please contact us at info@iatr.global for additional information.


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